Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awesomest Game Ever!!!

I have discovered the most awesomest games EVER!!! Its called Pokemon. I have never played anything like this before. Why have I never heard of this? It is truly amazing. Your character in the game goes around fighting people using animals with superpowers, these are called "Pokemon". Yeah animals with super powers, some shoot electricity others throw fire and some even cause huge earthquakes or giant tidal waves. You can capture these animals or "Pokemon" using special balls called poke balls. There are different types of Pokemon, there are some that look like birds, rats, dogs, snakes, fish, even dragons and dinosaurs. My favorite one so far is a fire type that looks like a dragon, his name is Charizard. You go around fighting people called trainers. Trainers are the ones who capture and fight Pokemon. you can only have six Pokemon in your team. In the game you have to travel through different cities and towns challenging their leaders, there are eight, to gain a badge. Once you have collected all 8 badges you can go and challenge The Elite Four. They are the strongest trainers ever. You need really strong Pokemon to defeat them. Once you have beat them you fight your rival, he's like the final boss of the game. If you can beat him you become the Pokemon master and the game ends, if you can't beat your rival he insults you and you have to fight the elite four all over again. You need to come up with good strategies to pass the game, because of all the different types of Pokemon and attacks. I really love this game. I cant wait to see have else they do with it. Pic related; It's my new Gameboy and Pokemon game.